Deploying RDS 2012 Single Server – Session Based deployment

Stephen Pothecary:

Excellent guide – Thanks to Ryan Mangan

Originally posted on Ryan Mangan's IT Blog:

This guide will show you how to deploy RDS 2012 on a single 2012 Server enabling the use of Remote Desktop Sessions and RemoteApps.

Point to note: This demonstration shows how to deploy RDS using Quick start. I will demonstrate how to deploy RDS using Standard deployment in a later post.

Preparing for RDS 2012

Before I Install RDS 2012, I will create the OUs and Security Groups required for my deployment. This will make the configuration of group polices easier later.

RDS AD OU groups


  • RDS Security Groups
  • RDSH Servers
  • RDS Servers
  • RDS Computers

I have also created the following Security Groups for RDS

RDS 2012 Security Groups

  • Personal-Pool VDI Users : Remote desktop users with allocated Virtual desktops
  • RDWeb Users: Remote desktop web users
  • RemoteApp Users: Remote App users
  • VDI Users: Virtual desktop users

There is no requirement to setup OU’s and security groups like I have done, but  I would recommend doing so to…

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If you require any new desktop PC’s, laptops, workstations or NAS devices, speak to me here at Comms Group.

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Fujitsu Celvin NAS Q802

Fujitsu Celvin NAS Q802

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Fujitsu Celsius W530

Great news for students and teachers – #Office365

Microsoft have recently announced that students and teachers will be able to ‘self-serve’ their ‘free’ subscriptions. Before, Microsoft put the onus on the schools and colleges to initiate the platform but now Microsoft have closed this gap.

Below is a quote from the Microsoft Office 365 blog explaining the changes and what is up for grabs for our learning/teaching friends.

It was just about a year ago we announced Student Advantage, a benefit that allows eligible students to get Office 365 from their school for free. One drawback to Student Advantage—the onus has been on the school to initiate the service, create an account and order the Office 365 license on behalf of the student.

Today we’re making it easier on the school IT department with a new self-serve model for students that lets them sign up for the free service on their own.

If you’re a student 13 years-old of age or older, here’s what you can do the check your eligibility and get Office for free:

  1. Go to Office 365 for Students.
  2. Enter a valid school-provided email address.

Here’s what qualified students will receive:

  • The latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher
  • Installation on up to five PCs or Macs, and Office apps on other mobile devices including Windows tablets and iPad
  • 1 Terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage
  • Office Online

Sign-up for students is available in the U.S. today, and will expand worldwide later this year.

CommsGroup Offers – July 2014

Latest offers from CommsGroup UK Ltd – for more information visit or call on the number below

CommsGroup UK Ltd July Offers

CommsGroup UK Ltd July Offers

The Office 365 confusion…

There are always questions regarding the Office 365 umbrella and what is right for the customer. Microsoft have made a tidy little page for getting the crux of what your customer wants vs all the bells and whistles that you can easily pay for above and beyond requirements.


The link to the Office 365 service comparison site is below;


This should enable you to get to the right plan through criteria quickly and efficiently.





Comms Group UK Ltd – A new role…..

I have recently jumped ship to become IT Manager at Comms Group UK Ltd. I have been offered a fantastic opportunity to work in a Telecoms company moving forward with their IT Managed Services offerings. I have now been at Comms Group for 4 weeks and already we’re taking things to a new level. The Telecoms side of the business offers competitive pricing and a clued up support base to offer insight and opinions with the technology in mind.

Moving towards the IT side of things I’ve recently attended the Service Desk and Support Event at Earls Court in London where I was able to meet some of the big players of Help Desk and support applications. It was a great insight into what is available and as such we are now moving forward with some excellent products This will enable us to offer a fantastic support portal for our customers and internal users, as well as the ability to remotely manage the IT infrastructure of our Managed Service contracts. We also have many other offerings including online backup and antivirus software that comes in at a very competitive price and we’d be very happy to quote you.

Moving forward we have plenty more to work on and improve but we’re making giant strides, if you’d like to be a part of our success and excellent support services then please give us a call for a competitive quote and informed opinion – 0844 848 8144

We may be able to give you some additional discount if you quote my name when making any enquiries – Either Stephen Pothecary or Guru365 – unfortunately I am unable to guarantee a discount as this may be unavailable to the products you require, but we can certainly give you a discount on any Managed Services enquiries or contracts.

Quote from the Comms Group UK Ltd Website –

At Comms Group, due to strategic partnerships we buy landline services on a wholesale basis from BT and have the same level of access to systems and support from BT Openreach as BT Retail. By understanding your needs we aim to provide better customer service than BT Retail. We can GUARANTEE you savings compared with your current telecoms supplier, typical savings are 35% and you can be assured that you will not receive loss in service when using Comms Group for your land line low cost call charges and line rental facility.

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call and we’d be very happy to talk to you regarding any kind of Telecoms or IT related requirements. Even if you need pricing on a piece of equipment we’ll be very happy to get you the very best price we can through our many distribution partners.

Comms Group UK Ltd – 0844 848 81 44

Office for iPad

Office for iPad

Microsoft are pleased to announce their new Office for iPad app. Makes the iPad less useless in business now……I’d still take a Surface Pro anyday :)

A good day with Amazon Prime

I’ve recently had a good experience with Amazon Prime and thought I’d tell you about it.

Much like most of you I was beginning to get a little tired of the ‘Prime’ being shoved down my throat with a 30-day free trial ending in a rather expensive renewal (either monthly or yearly). However, having looked into the product a little more I can finally give in and say what a fantastic idea.

Basically it boils down to the first idea of Prime, this is what has been going on for years at Amazon. You pay a yearly fee and you get free Two-Day shipping on millions of items. However, there are other perks, one of which I find to be extremely useful;

  • No minimum order size (handy for cheap products that you need quickly)
  • Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and tv shows with Prime Instant Video (Oh hello Amazon, goodbye Netflix)
  • Finally, Read free books each month through Kindle First and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

For a years worth of the above, it’s extremely cost effective, even if you only use the delivery thing once or twice a year you can certainly get your money’s worth in the 3 bullet points above.

It’s been a good experience and there’s usually complaints in this world. Please feel free to click the link below to give yourself a Free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, yes there is a cost after this but I think once you have explored the other benefits you’ll see how far your £79 a year really goes. – For the full Prime – Alternatively if you’d just like the subscription service for movies and TV – click here :)

Oh and you can cancel your subscription before you have to pay anything, so if you aren’t sure/impressed then you are able to cancel when you want.

Happy shopping / reading / watching :)

Microsoft Books – You can also look for the latest Microsoft books focussing on Office 365 and Cloud Computing – some excellent authors out there willing to share their knowledge.


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